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three words
the status quo

this is the question we should be asking ourselves

and all those competing for our attention in the market place.

when the question is personal, it takes the form of a subjective appraisal: is this fly? (to me); but when directed at the merchant, it operates as a powerful consumer mandate to, "answer me. is this fly?"


as someone with distinguished taste, you likely have no problem answering this question, at least majority of the time. similarly, the merchant whose goods or services are clearly exceptional will naturally answer in the affirmative. the question though in both cases, is how do you articulate the rea​sons for your answer? how do you identify the underpinnings of your conclusion and communicate them with clarity and confidence - especially on those unique occasions when you're sensibilities fail you and you feel uncertain what conclusion to draw about the thing you're appraising. this can be tricky terrain to navigate without some kind of guidepost or frame of reference.


what though, if there was a way you to effectively orient yourself when this occurs, a device that could help you find your bearings esthetically - some sort of . . .

  [pregnant pause indicating something significant will follow]

esthetic compass.



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