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“answer me”


It’s almost so obvious it’s humorous. We started by asking a question, and questions require answers. However we never got around to very clearly and succinctly providing the appropriate directive to inform people of exactly why the question had so much power. This simple edict affirms that we are demanding an answer to the question we initially posed. ‘Is this fly?’ is the ingenious question that asks if what we are viewing, buying, experiencing, eating or observing is adhering to a standard of excellence that will align with our senses of emotive satisfaction. Now we have provided the simple accompaniment that the question cannot be ignored.


We deserve an answer to the question. A dialogue from the perspective of the individual consumer\recipient\observer and our relationship to what we are inundated by and with - whatever the thing is that’s being consumed or experienced.

So here we are. Ready and willing to be engaged. Please answer us. 

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